Building MRR by Blogging

Sep 25, 2023

I recently published a new blog post about how to create an affiliate blog with a passive income orientation. What I wrote on the post was based on my very own experience growing, which has been lasting for about 4 years. There have been so many lessons I learned since starting the project back in 2019. The most valuable one is that as a blogger, you need to work smartly. One of which is by building monthly recurring revenue from the content you published.

Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) itself is one of the crucial metrics used by SaaS businesses to monitor the performance of their service or product. It refers to the total of revenue generated from their service/product on a monthly basis.

As a blogger, you can also build MRR, even if you don’t have your own product or service. The method is quite simple. You can join affiliate programs that offer recurring commissions. That’s what I wanted to highlight on this blog post. Producing content is hard and take time. Sometimes, you even need to spend capital on the research process. So, if you only get a one-time affiliate commission from the product/service you recommend via your content, I think it is not a fair business.

Trust me, not everyone is capable of creating valuable content, even if they use a generative AI tool. Treat your content as a product and you will value it more.

Low Recurring Affiliate Commision is Better Than High One-Time Commission

Well, this might be debatable. But, let me elaborate it first.

Search engines are the main traffic source of nearly all blogs and other website types at large. Say you already have a blog post that have a good position on search engines. The post contributed to the majority of affiliate sales you managed to make on your blog. One day, the search engine you relied on the most changed its algorithm which sadly affected the position of your post. You checked your affiliate dashboard and found your affiliate commissions dropped significantly. Or even worse. You didn’t make any sale since the post you relied on so far disappeared from SERP.

In a case like illustrated above, you will continue to earn affiliate commissions if you join an affiliate program that offer recurring commissions — even if you don’t manage to make a single sale during a certain period. That’s because you already have active referrals from the previous periods (before your content disappeared from SERP).

Another example.

Say you plan to boost your blog post using Facebook Ads. With the average conversion rate of only 1%, it you would be worth it if you promote something that gives you recurring revenue.

Say you spent $10,000 on Facebook Ads this month. Even if you only get the same value of ROI ($10,000), it still profitable as you only spend the ad budget once and continue to earn commissions on a monthly basis. Next month, as you get the next $10,000, you would have gained a 100% profit. Sounds cool. Isn’t it? That’s what I call work smartly.