AI Should Be Optional

Aug 21, 2023

Recently, Elegant Themes has just introduced its AI feature to its flagship product — Divi, followed the Elementor footstep which has released the same feature earlier. Following the AI trend — or more specifically generative AI — there are many developer companies in the WordPress scene that develop and release AI feature.

Jetpack, a WordPress product from Automattic, also already has an AI product designed to help generating text content.

Many argue that AI is the next big thing in tech. The technology allows us to get things done more quickly. In the context of web development and web design, generative AI is used to generate both text and image content to a design element. This is great as you no longer need to use the ugly “lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” text on your design. Instead, you can use AI to generate a better temporary text and images before your client provide their copy and images.

I am pretty sure that developing an AI feature is a part of a developer’s strategy to adapt with the changes. Otherwise, it will get left behind. I really appreciate it. However, I think AI should be offered as an optional feature instead of a required feature. I am pretty sure not everyone uses AI to generate content. Some even has sentiment with AI as they argue that AI can decrease the value of humanity. In response to this, it would be great if every developer company that offers AI feature on their products offers an option to disable it as well.